What is a Virtual Learning Environment?

As the technologies are continually evolving, novel approaches to learning are constantly shifting to better learners' engagement. Virtual learning is one such revolution that has changed the way of learning. But no, it is not replacing the traditional classroom and not even an alternative to the education practices. But undoubtedly a driving force for change in learning methods and the education industry. 

Let us first know what exactly the Virtual Learning Environment means. 

What is a Virtual Learning Environment? 

A Virtual Learning Environment collects integrated tools enabling online learning by providing a reliable online delivery mechanism, assessments, student tracking, and access to the study resources. Indeed, a complicated definition, right? 


VLE, an acronym for Virtual learning environment, refers to an online platform that is used for educational purposes. VLE encapsulates the online environments that supplement various courses, whether it be a reading resource, an online course, or some informational site with skill assessments. 


It plays a crucial role in enhancing the learning experience. A VLE harnesses the technology to supplement the in-class experience and create an active and interactive learning environment. 

Advantages of Virtual Learning Environment.

Increased accessibility 

Virtual classrooms are accessible to the child from the comfort of their home. A child having a stable internet connection and a smart device can easily access the virtual classrooms and start their learning process. The additional benefit of virtual learning is that the child can access the study materials online 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. 

Enhanced inclusivity 


With Virtual classrooms, even shy students will find virtual classes a better way to participate in. The feeling of not opening the views or interacting in class will indeed get overcome. 

Improved Technical Skills 


Whether you are a student, a working employee, or some other, with the virtual learning environment, you can easily upgrade the skills that are hard to attain otherwise. It enables you to explore the capabilities and grab knowledge from the comfort of your home. For instance, even the kids can upgrade their skills in programming and coding that were earlier for tech professionals only. 

Easy student tracking and assessment 


With the virtual learning environments, it is easy to track the activities, assess the progress, and access the student-related data at a single platform. 

Freedom and combined structures 


VLE comprises weekly assignments, online tests, online lectures, creating discussion sessions, and many more. And the way these programs are structured and include various assignments, students have the freedom to create their own flexible schedule. The combination of freedom and structure is an ideal environment for the students to learn better. 

Inclusive Environment 


If you are a student that does not respond much in the traditional classrooms and hesitates to participate in several activities, then this virtual learning environment can bring a real change in your learning journey. 


Virtual learning has revolutionized the entire education model by changing the way students learn today. In virtual learning environments, the tutors utilize online resources to impart knowledge, study materials and communicate with the students. The evolving technologies and the inclusion of virtual learning environments have made it possible for students to learn from home. People of all ages can take benefit from the virtual learning environment and upgrade their skill set. 

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